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Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Library and Museum

Do you have any knowledge of Ronald Reagan’s library? This article is aimed at polishing your understanding of this popular area and is purported to teach you some exciting and significant facts about the library.

Ronald Reagan’s library is named after the 40th president of United States of America; late president Ronald Reagan, who ruled from 1981-1989.

It was carefully and constructively constructed by Hugh Stubbins and CO on November 4th, 1991 and lies in Simi Valley, California.

The street address; 40 presidential drive, is thoughtfully numbered in honor of Reagan’s place in the presidency. The Library lies on a grand hill which makes the scenery from there thrilling as it overlooks the beautiful regions of southern California.

The presidential library is the largest of all the federal presidential libraries regarding physical space [with Clinton’s library being the biggest regarding artifact possession].

It houses numerous records of Reagan’s administration, its archives containing millions of documents, over 1.6 million photographs, thousands of audio and video tapes and over 35,000 artifacts. The library also houses personal documentation of Reagan’s eight years as the Governor of California. Be sure to bring a pen and jotter when visiting this educative yet entertaining site to observe and note specific facts.

Aside from being a tourist attraction, it is also popularly known to be one of Southland’s most dazzling event arenas. Its spacious nature provides enough room for small parties and large dinner occasions while its environment takes you back in time through the magnificence of the structures. The museum has both permanent and temporary exhibits showcasing President Reagan’s life. These exhibits cover his childhood, acting years, military service, marriage and major milestones in his life. A replica of the Oval Office; a feature of most presidential libraries is also present in addition to a colorful piece of the Berlin Wall and the most popular exhibit in the museum; an actual Air Force One.

The Reagan library is the resting place of Ronald Reagan and Nancy (his wife). The Reagan library is also home to 2 restaurants, including the Ronald Reagan Pub and the Reagan’s Country Café. The Ronald Reagan pub is a replica of a pub in the president’s ancestral village of Ballyporeen, Ireland.

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