Paradise Falls

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The Paradise Falls also known as the Wild Wood Falls is found within the suburbs of Thousand Oaks and can be accessed following the 101 Freeway to Lynn Road. The Paradise Falls runs about 40 foot in height and flows into a large pool of water in the Wild Wood Park.

Hiking the Paradise Falls is a family-friendly experience which allows family members to connect with each other throughout the hike, and you can even bring along your pets for the hike. It’s an astonishing experience that gives you a view of some great scenes like the Indian caves and the Canyons. The best time to explore the falls is when the hills are covered in green during the late winter.

The exploration does not require any particular skill set, it’s an experience that is open to everyone, and any regular Joe can comfortably take this quest on and fully get the feel. The hike is an excellent opportunity to explore nature first hand; you can’t afford to leave your camera behind when visiting this location, or you’ll miss out on all the exciting scenes of nature and history combined.
The total distance covered during the hike to Paradise Falls is about 1.5 miles; an ideal workout in its own making.

Upon arrival at the scene of the astonishing cascade, you better keep your clothes on and resist the urge to swim in the pool as most of the water is collected from runoff sources which could be possibly contaminated and can irritate your skin. However, it’s a great spot to have your lunch, spend some quality family time and take great photos of the waterfall and the vicinity. From here, you can continue the trail to the Wildwood canyon exit where you will bypass the Indian cave which is believed to be initially used by the original Chumash Indians; this route is a great path to spot beautiful and colorful birds migrating in the season. Multiple trails are accessible if you’re looking to extend your hiking experience and explore more scenes.

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