Frank Sinatra’s Gravesite.

Ever listened to “On the town” or “I’ll never smile again” by Frank Sinatra and felt the instant need to connect to the new-jersey born singer? If you have, you’re in luck because this article gives you an insight on the gravesite of the world famous Frank Sinatra.

Frank was born on 12 December 1915 at Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA. After his death in 1998 at the age of 82, Frank Sinatra whose original name is Francis Albert was buried in a cemetery near Palm Springs, California. His last wife Barbara and his mother are all buried right beside him. His gravesite has made for a peaceful and iconic tourist location. With a strategic location in Desert Memorial Park, Cathedral City, California, Frank Sinatra’s gravesite is a flat marker decorated with flowers. This famous gravesite is situated precisely in Plot B which is the first lawn area ahead on your right, as you enter the front gate.

Make sure to enter through the front gate rather than the veterans’ chapel to easily access the grave site. Counting to the 8th row, Frank’s grave can be found about 20 yards to your right. It’s proximity to the road is advantageous, so you don’t have to walk too far. The park is also drivable, making it quite easy for people with cars.

Frank’s gravesite is a popular tourist attraction visited daily by both old and young lovers of Sinatra’s music who come to pay homage to one of the greatest American loved musicians in the 20th century. It is every fan’s must go destination. Don’t hesitate to pull out your cameras because the sweetest moments are the ones captured. This, therefore, makes a stunning picture location as nature does its best work.

Frank’s gravesite is a treasured relic because it embodies what is left of beautiful, serene music. Frank’s tombstone is inscribed with his full name “Frank Albert Sinatra” and is close to his parents’.

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