Palm Springs


Are you buying or selling a house in Palm Springs?

The warm weather is a draw for this fabulous city with trendy hotels, fancy restaurants, lively entertainment, amazing bars, good schools and lovely residential streets. Hiking trails aren’t too far away and there’s always a pool near by.

Buying a home in Palm Springs

The market here has limited places to buy which has driven up home prices. This is a situation where if you see a house you love, you must jump on it now and be ready to negotiate.  We will search the city and give you every option you could possibly have and work on a deal that benefits you most.

Selling a home in  Palm Springs

Since properties are limited, this should be a great ride for you. Fewer properties, bigger jumps never deters the buyers in this dessert city. We will make sure your home is priced as it should be and you get your house sold around the price you want.