The Venice Beach has been labeled “a cultural hub known for its eccentricities” as well as “a global tourist destination” and is located within Los Angeles, California in the West Side. Venice was founded in 1905 by the millionaire Abbot Kinney who wanted it designed like Italy; his favorite place and even went as far as importing structures such as canals and even foods directly from Italy. This did not quite work out well because as of now, Venice has a Bohemian laid-back Californian vibe to it rather than an Italian vibe.

It was first created as a seaside resort town and was an independent city until when it was merged with LA in 1926.

The Venice beach is a literal picture of an endless summer with a stable temperature all year round. The Ocean Front Walk which is also known as the Venice Beach boardwalk is the second most visited destination in Southern California. This place truly exemplifies the edgy and artsy nature of Venice.

The Venice beach boardwalk stretches 1.5 miles long along the sands of the Pacific Ocean which makes it unique. It is a place to walk, shop, and be entertained. Littered around the boardwalk is everything you can find, ranging from street vendors, live street performers, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, art & crafts, palm trees, and juice spots.

The Venice beach is a beach where even bodybuilders work out. It became famous in the 1970’s when Arnold Schwarzenegger pumped iron at Gold’s gym. The beach is also popularly known for its daily drum circle on the beach which you can join in too by just grabbing an instrument.

The beach is also popularly known for some of its popular segments like its fishing pier, amusement pier, Venice beach recreational center, Bike Park and Skate Park.

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