The Sunset Boulevard

Originally, the Sunset Boulevard was a subdivision of the old cattle trail route with 20+ acres of land owned by the real estate owner Horace H. Wilcox. As more developers and investors moved in, this cattle trail route transformed into the extraordinary Boulevard which stretches from downtown Los Angeles, heading northwest to Hollywood before meeting the ocean southwest.

Touring this 22-mile road that connects the two main highlights of Los Angeles gives you a precise view of the glamorous and classical Hollywood. From, its inception, the Boulevard has cemented a lot of Hollywood historical highlights over the years. Typically, the whole length is a local highlight; however, some sections of the boulevard have made more Hollywood history. The Sunset Strip is a significant highlight along the Boulevard; located between the Havenhurst Drive and Dohney Drive, this section of the Boulevard was the setting for the protests in the 1960s, gangsters of the roaring 1920s, even rock stars got into trouble in the region in the early ‘70s. Famous for its active nightlife since the early ‘50s, the Sunset Strip is a unique party destination and home to many famous brands. Breezing through you can find places like the Café Trocadero, Viper Room, Sunset Tower Hotel, The Comedy Store, the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill, Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy Theatre, and the Mondrian. This part of the city never goes to bed!

In the early 1970s, between Gardner Street and Western Avenue was a major area for street prostitution before a police raid in ’95. Along the road, a large section exists with a large number of guitar stores and music related outlets which gave the place the name “Guitar Row.” Some of the Recording studios found there include the Sunset Sound Studios and the United Western Recorders. The Areas of the Boulevard that crosses Beverly Hills was formerly recognized as Beverly Boulevard. The Famous Hotel Chateau Marmont is also found along the length. Some captivating things have also happened here, take for say, this was the place where John Belushi spent his last night, it was also where James Dean jumped through a window and presently, a lot of stars including Scarlett Johansson still grab drinks from here.

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