The Getty Center

Named after the billionaire oilman Jean Paul Getty who upon death in 1976, left about 4 million shares of his stock to the museum making it the richest museum in the world as at 1982 (this probably equals about $2.9 billion today!). Initially, the J. Paul Getty Museum commonly called the Getty museum was built in 1954. However, down the line with professional help from one of the worlds best architects Richard Meier, the structure was inaugurated in December 16th, 1997. The structure spans over 110 acres just off the San Diego Freeway in the Santa Monica Mountains and from it, you can get a clear view of the Pacific ocean and the city of California.

The Getty Centre is a treasured American museum which holds a vast collection of artworks including the personal collection of the founder, Paul Getty who donated his works to the museum and this gift was considered as one of the most valuable support to art at that time. A lot of Iconic classical sculptures, paintings, drawings, decorative arts, photographs from its beginning till date are displayed in the museum. The Getty Centre isn’t merely a museum, its precise architecture is an iconic American artifact, and it houses research libraries, administrative offices as well as the Museum open to the public. The Getty Center is an iconic museum that cannot be left out when touring Los Angeles; the art exhibits are visual artworks of great historical importance and great artistic appreciation that engages international audiences and provides tools for scholarly research and other diverse use.

The Getty is made up of two campuses which include; The Getty Centre and The Getty Villa. The Getty Centre is the primary museum, and it is located on a hilltop in Brentwood, LA and features western art from the middle age to present time while the secondary museum, the Getty Villa is located in Malibu and showcases diverse artworks from ancient Rome and Greece. In 2006, about 2 million visitors trooped in to explore the artifacts of the museums during the year. The Getty Center gives you access to some great collections like the illuminated medieval manuscripts, Peter Paul Reubens (the Entombment), Pontormo (portrait of halberdier), Parmigianino (Virgin with child St. John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene) and other great works!

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