The Runyan Canyon Park is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Los Angeles- this is due to its breathtaking view of downtown and Hollywood which makes great scenery for tourists who want an overall view of the area. It is strategically located at Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California at the eastern side of Santa Monica.

This iconic park is a great hiking destination for every tourist and is quite hard to miss out on. The kickoff spot has tight parking spaces, so, it would be best to arrive in an Uber. If you’re looking for adventure, a new place to discover, or you want to take a walk or run; this park is a fantastic spot for you. It is ideal for social hikers due to the crowded nature of the park; locals usually come here to meet with friends, have a picnic or talk. It’s a great destination for dog lovers as well; you’ll be excited to know that you can hike with your dog without having to put him on a leash. Watch out for dog poop though!

Couples come here to catch the view of the sunset from this point of view, and this has made a lot of headway for couples, also making it a very ‘Instagrammable site.’

This Park is frequently visited by celebrities, and your luck can bump you into your favorite celebrity.

It is perfect for every season, open all year round and is free. The canyon itself is just 1.5 miles long but can stretch up to 3 miles depending on the trail taken. There are three trails which are connected and range from difficult, to moderate and easy depending on your capability. The trails are free from hazards, and there are amazing recreational trails which make access to clean water very convenient due to its recently renovated water pipelines; fountains are dispersed around if you get thirsty on your way.

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