Fox Hills is one of the few neighborhoods in Los Angeles where you can flee from the bustling LA environment. Named after its founder Harry Culver and located in Culver City which was previously annexed from Fox Hills to Culver City in early 1964.
Fox Hills has been undergoing a series of rapid economic development since the opening of the Fox Hills mall in 1975. This economic development is being geared by the “reimagine Fox Hills master plan” which focuses on restructuring the park, aligning with elite members of the area and anchoring the advent of new businesses. It transformed the existing suburban office parks into creative office districts, and all this is done while paying attention to the preservation of the quality of life in the area.

Although a quiet neighborhood, Fox Hills is home to quite a good number of expanded local businesses. The biggest shopping arena in the area is the Fox Hills plaza which is located at 6201-6299 Bristol Parkway Culver City, California 90230. It is quite easy and fast to get there with your Google map and the little or nonexistent traffic in the location. This shopping center is a thrill for every shopper with exquisite fashion taste.

Fox Hills is home to the Fox Hills Park, a 10-acre neighborhood park which is one of the major recreational centers in the area. Fox Hills RV Park and Camp Ground are hosts to a long list of different events that go down in the area. A plethora of activities can be accessed in the location such as basketball, gyms, picnic locations, jogging paths, barbecue, and a lot more exciting events which are open to all ages.

In this location, securing a hotel is stress-free as there are numerous popular hotels with breathtaking views of the area, especially those close to the plaza. There are also a considerable number of tasty restaurants that offer amazing dishes worth trying out. The Fox Hill Golf & Banquet Center located in Plymouth, MI. is also a great relaxation area for families who come here to have great family time and enjoy the LA moments to the fullest.

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