Los Angeles Real Estate

Are you buying or selling Los Angeles real estate?

The Los Angeles real estate market is HOT. Why? Because it’s the place you can drive to beaches, snow in the mountains or desert  hot spots. Whatever you feel like doing or experiencing, LA pretty much has it all.

Location of your house in Los Angeles matters when pricing to sell or buy. L.A. is pretty much limited to the famous 310, 323, 213, 424 and some of the 818 area codes.

There are tons of Los Angeles Neighborhoods to choose from. Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills are cities of themselves and technically not part of the City of Los Angeles at all (although they are in L.A. County.) but we count them in our Greater LA real estate services so if you are interested in those areas, look no further.

Buying a home in Los Angeles

It’s a competitive market and you have to act fast if you see a house you love. Whether you are buying a waterfront property, a luxury home, or a specific residential neighborhood in or around Los Angeles, we’re pretty certain we know the market and the entire county of Los Angeles like no other. We have lived and breathed this city for several decades which enables us to work fast and efficiently to get what you deserve.

Selling a home in Southern California

If you are selling your beloved home and you want to make sure you get the most your house deserves in the Los Angeles market, we will definitely help you make the best decisions. We know the taste of the Los Angelenos who are searching for homes just like yours and will help you with staging, recommend improvements (contractors too!) and to determine your house value based upon reliable research. We are good at what we do and due to our vast knowledge of our lovely city, our contacts and resources, your house will sell fast!

Los Angeles real estate