Nobska Point Lighthouse

Originally known as the Nobsque Lighthouse, the Nobska Point Lighthouse is a Lighthouse located at South-western tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It stands on a steep bank 87 feet above ocean level with direct views of Vineyard & Nantucket sounds with Buzzards Bay. Nobska Point Lighthouse was established initially in 1829 for approximately $3000 with special Keepers who were assigned to track maritime traffic and also ensure the Lighthouse is in proper condition. The original Lighthouse was built in the traditional Cape Cod style, with a lantern and octagonal tower room atop its Keeper’s house. The current Nobska Point Lighthouse replaced the original Lighthouse in 1876 due to the cheesiness and loopholes in the design of the original Lighthouse. The present, cylindrical iron tower with brick linings which is about 40-foot tall, was cast in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and transported in four sections to be constructed in woods hole, Massachusetts.

The buildings in the Nobska Point Lighthouse are partitioned in four: the tower, the keeper’s house, the radio beacon house, and the oil house. Over the years, Nobska Point Lighthouse has experienced a lot of changes, various famous keepers retired, the Viewing lenses were changed, and it was listed in 1987 on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2015, it was sold by the Coast Guard to a non-profit organization called “Friends of Nobska Light” in the Town of Falmouth. This organization has strived to revamp the Lighthouse and preserve its importance in history.

Now one of the most famous attractions in New England, the Nobska Point Lighthouse is open for tourism to appreciate the rich Cape Cod culture and heritage. The Nobska Lighthouse gives us an insight into the history of the surrounding area. From the ground level of the Lighthouse, you can get an aesthetic view of Vineyard Sound and Buzzards Bay.


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