Mashpee Commons

The Mashpee Commons is an open-air shopping center located in the very heart of Mashpee Town, Cape Cod. Built in the 1960’s, Mashpee Commons was initially known as the New Seabury Shopping Centre; a commercial strip complex spanning 62,000 square feet, with a large asphalt parking lot in front of it. Then in 1986, by the idea of shopping center owner Buff Chace, the commercial strip complex was transformed into Mashpee Commons with its new structure evocative of a traditional “New England” building. The transmutation plan was designed and completed, however, with professional help from Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk (DPZ Company).

The plan adopted included reshaping some shopping centers for better navigation by pedestrians, and an introduction of “linear buildings” to hide parking lots and increase leasing space. The architectural design of the area is strictly traditional Cape Cod style. This can be attested to by the plain volumes, vertically proportioned windows and the simple symmetrical designs present in Mashpee Commons.
From the subsequent 15 years, the Mashpee Commons has made tremendous progress, developing from an irregular, unorganized strip shopping Centre to an “economic juggernaut” as described by the Boston Globe.

Originally, the strip center had a trifle amount of stores, a restaurant, and a theatre. Today, Mashpee Commons with a land mass of 140 acres, has become the home of Mashpee Town’s civic activities possessing a plethora of retailer shops, offices, a wide range of housing units, a library, Catholic Church, and a post office. Being an all-encompassing center, it leaves room for fun and entertainment with restaurants, cinemas, children’s museum, and sports halls. For all ye lovers of fashion and style, the Mashpee Commons offers an intriguing mix of sui generis, wealthy living and shopping options in your classical New England village setting.

The management of Mashpee Commons has shown to be community friendly as Mashpee Commons is home to various concerts; Oktoberfest, and firework events scheduled to occur at different periods of the year.

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