The Hoxie House

The Hoxie house is arguably one of the oldest houses on Cape Cod.

It was once considered the oldest house on the Cape until proof of its senectitude went up in flames, leaving the title of “oldest house on Cape Cod” up for contention.

Although erected in the mid seventh century, it was occupied around 1675 by Reverend John Smith.

Reverend John Smith lived there with his wife, Susanna Hinckley and their large family of thirteen children.

Over the years, the Hoxie House has served as a place of abode for various families including that of Abraham Hoxie, a well known whaling captain, who purchased the house for $400 in 1860.

The house was officially recognized as Hoxie House during Abraham Hoxie’s stay there. Until the early 1950’s, the Hoxie House has been a family house without electricity, central heat, or even plumbing.
Later in the late 1950’s, the town purchased the Hoxie House and restored it to its 17th century condition.

The Hoxie House is constructed in a “salt box style,” and it is devoid of modern amenities and functions as a museum designed to give visitors a glimpse into the colonial past of the Massachusetts peninsula. It perfectly mirrors colonial domesticity by employing the use of interesting historical features such as gunstock posts, wide floorboards, beams from Maine pumpkin-pine trees and antiques on loan from Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts to portray the culture at that time.

As a museum, the Hoxie House is opened for a tour from mid June through mid October, Mondays through Sundays, with different ticket rates for different ages. However, operational hours may vary due to the voluntary help in running the Hoxie House. A call before time is the regarded as the best approach.

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