Dolphin and Whale Watching, Barnstable.

Traditionally, Cape Cod has always been visitor-friendly from time, extending its arms of hospitality and tourism far and wide to everyone from all societies and all over the world. This is quite evident in the presence of various tourist attraction sites which is open to all. Of these various aspects, the main tourist focus is on the Dolphin and Whale watching; and no other community represents Cape Cod in this aspect as perfectly as the Barnstable Town, Massachusetts.

Dolphin and Whale watching is a greatly appreciated outdoor activity performed in Barnstable Town which entails a 3-4 hour ride on open waters atop specially crafted sea vessels. Touring this location gives you a fascinating open view to fully appreciate nature and its gifts first-hand. Moving from Barnstable Harbour to Cape Cod Bay and its surrounding waters, the tourists get to travel in style aboard various marine vessels ranging from liners and cruise ferries to small speedboats. Tourists get the chance to appreciate marine wildlife at its very best. The cruise grants visitors a golden opportunity to observe beautiful aquatic species like the Minke whales, Humpback whales, and dolphins which ply the Cape Cod waters. Rare species like the Harbour porpoise and the endangered North Atlantic right whale are also seen most times. There is always a naturalist on-board to familiarize the tourists with their environment and provide comprehensive information on the vast marine life of Cape Cod. Seals, ducks, birds and other aquatic animals are not ignored as tourists also witness their fabulous display. The scenery from the boat is a precise one as tourists are provided with a detailed, up-close perception of these wonderfully created animals. Ranked as one of the world’s leading whale watching destinations, this tour is a hot pick for a lot of travelers who want to see some magnificent sea beasts around the Barnstable Harbour in Cape Cod. The Dolphin and Whale watching in Barnstable take place from April through October with the voyage always kicking off from Barnstable Harbour.


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