Haunted Boston Ghost Tours

There are a lot of theories as to whether ghosts exist or not. These extraordinary creatures have been subject to many tales concerning their reality; whether they are real or fake, or what influence they pose to us. However, these conceptions hold little weight but are still used as stories at night to entertain or scare people. Horror movies and scary games like Charlie Charlie, “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board,” Bloody Mary are a lot of people’s favorite but, they do not bring chills to the body as well as the Haunted Boston Ghost Tour.

Boston, a city nearly 400 years old is home to a lot of stories of war, murder, and executions. Bugged with some of history’s most malevolent personalities, Boston remains one of America’s most haunted cities with a lot of dreadful fables.

Haunted Boston Ghost Tours is located at Boylston Street, Boston Massachusetts. The tour is an adventure that takes you through the haunted streets of Boston, looking for countless ghosts rumored to ply Boston roads. You will see the creepiest stuff and hear frightening stories of Boston’s most famous ghosts such as the Boston Strangler, Dr. Webster John, The angel of death and Cotton Mather. This family-friendly tour exposes secrets behind various popular buildings. Your guide will give you lantern-telling tales about the rich history of the area from the founding of Colonial Boston to the present day.

The tour on this location takes about 90 minutes, and it proceeds with its starting point at the Central Burying Ground, then stirs through other sites including the famous Boston Athenaeum, Kilachand Hall (initially Shelton Hall) and terminates at the Omni Parker Hotel. The gates of the Haunted Boston Ghost Tour are open to tourist from 8 pm irrespective of the weather and is open from April till November.

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