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Boston-Real-Estate-AgentBoston is a city made up of neighborhoods.  Each area has it’s own personality, awesome shops, yummy restaurants  and attractions. From cobblestone lanes lined with gas lamps to red brick Federal Period townhouses and victorian mansions, Boston has the most beautiful architecture.  Who wouldn’t want to live there?

Buying a home in Boston

Boston has a SUPER competitive market and you definitely have to to be aggressive when you find the perfect home that you’d like to move into. Whether you are interested in a waterfront property, a luxury town home, or a specific residential neighborhood  (there are so many to choose from), we will help  guide you in making the right decision while working fast and smart.

Selling your home?

If you don’t live in one of the really “hot” neighborhoods,  no worries, buyers are increasing their search radius. They are no longer limiting their searches to the city center as those traditionally hot neighborhoods are unreachable to most.  We will not rest until we find those prospective buyers for your property.

If you DO live in a “hot” area, Foster Douglas has the resources to get your property out to only serious buyers.

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Whether it is in Boston or elsewhere, the core of a real estate agent’s services centers on arranging and negotiating real estate property sales and purchases. During a sale or purchase, the real estate agent will usually bear certain responsibilities which otherwise would have made the process burdensome or complicated for the seller or buyer. Apart from ensuring the process never gets complicated, a real estate agent will also help to ensure you’re able to get the best value from your transaction. Licensed agents with real estate agent training also offer more expertise and professionalism as well.

What Do Agents Do?
A real estate agent serves both buyers and sellers alike. These professionals oversee the process preceding sales through to closing the deal. Along with providing excellent marketing to ensure transactions are done timely, real estate agents also have to guide clients through the negotiation processes, the legal complexities, and every other area of the transaction while representing the interest of their client.

What to Look for In a Realtor
There are certain traits you’ll want to see in your realtor. Your real estate agent should be a trustworthy professional who is not only competent and experienced but also boasts a great reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. They have to be friendly and approachable as well as being communicative. To also ensure maximum value, you need to hire a local real estate agent with a robust knowledge of the neighborhood of your interest. They must also have a real estate agent license to indicate his or her experience.

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