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Our Agency in Valley Village is the best in the valley.  We offer detailed competitive analysis reports, advice on home loans and specialize in real estate marketing.  The services we are most proud of is our VIP Solution called the FD Seller Solution that gets a home sold for market value fast.  We also offer 1-on-1 buyer strategy that takes a person from being unsure of what and where to buy to a full plan and exact match listings to choose from.  Our agents work for the clients complete satisfaction.

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Our Real Estate Consulting agency is located around Valley Village.  We have experienced agents that know every inch of real estate. Whether you are buying or selling your property or looking into investing, we can help you.  We are a brokerage firm that is full service.  We have a marketing department and access to high end buyers, sellers and listings.

Real Estate Consultants: We Will See You To The End.

We have a proven VIP solution called, The FD Seller Solution that will take sellers from the point of their home not being ready to their home sold at market value fast.  Our proven roadmap is one of a kind and if followed you will increase your home value, market effectively and sell fast. If you don’t want to do the work, we do it for you at no extra cost.

About Valley Village

With a population of 32,414, Valley Village is #33 voted to be the best neighborhoods for Millennials in Los Angeles area according to

This neighborhood is located in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County and has a Los Angeles address. The history of Valley Village goes back to the 1930s when workers at nearby motion pictures studios built houses there. It was a section of North Hollywood.

In 1985, the idea of separating Valley Village from North Hollywood was brought to light in a meeting with about 300 home owners, however, it wasn’t until 1991 that it got seven new blue reflective markers to mark it’s borders.

The reason for the move was due to North Hollywood being susceptible to crime and and the community had grown old. They wanted to move the boundaries to attempt boosting property values and have the economics to seek it’s own identity.

The homes that reside in Valley Village are lushly landscaped and have graffiti-free streets and the homes cost up to $800,000. The housing averages about $300,000 and If you purchase a similar home in North Hollywood, it would be about $150,000, however the home would likely be overgrown, dusty yard, crime ridden and graffiti splattered on block walls and street signs.

Valley Village is in a place where you have access to convenient big freeways or you can stay on the neighborhoods and could drive quickly to the next awesome neighborhood and enjoy shopping, eating and going out. IT’s conveniently placed near Studio City, Toluca Lake, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Encino and other awesome places to gather with your friends and family for any occasion.

It’s also nearby a ton of parks and hikes if you are an outdoorsy type of person. Valley Village is it a great place to live, it’s beautiful and it’s location is super convenient to anything you need.

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