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We are the go-to for Thousand Oaks Real Estate. Whether you are seeking to buy a home, sell a home or invest in a property, our real estate consulting firm offer services to meet your needs. We our proud to have an in-home real estate marketing department so if things need done last minute, there’s no waiting! We have experienced project management teams for improving and repairing your home  in order to sell at market value. We make sure when buying or selling your home, that you have well written contracts, proper home inspections and top notch representation for negotiations and contract signing.

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Our agents know the area well so they are able to gather information from you to determine the best neighborhood, best house that represents your needs and wants and finally, they know the Ventura County market best to make sound decisions.

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We have a VIP service we offer all of our clients that will take you from a home not ready to be sold and under market value to creating a bulletproof plan that starts with a full comparative market analysis, a home improvement and Repair plan with a budget to getting contractors in to taking that plan and increasing your home value on the market.  We stage the home and then with a real estate photographer, we use our marketing tools and resources after listing the property to bring people in for open houses and private showing. When someone makes an offer, we counter offer until the price is right and begin negotiations and contract review.

About Thousand Oaks

Being the second largest city in Ventura County, Thousand oaks was incorporated in 1964 but has since expanded to the West and east. It’s ranked as the 4th safest city among cities that have a population of 100,00 or greater in the United states according to the FBI.

Thousand Oaks was inhabited by the Chumash people over 10,000 years ago and 2 villages existed, one was called Sap’wi (“House of Deer”) and the other, Satwiwa (“The Bluffs”. Sap’wi is now a Chumash Interpretive Center and has multiple 2,000 year old pictographs. Satwiwa is now an Indian culture center in Newbury Park. There was a smaller village which is where the Wildwood Elementary school sits today!

One of the earliest names used for Thousand Oaks was called the Conejo Mountains and in the 1920’s it was only inhabited by 100 residents.

Thousand Oaks name came from a local name contest and was won by a 14 year old , Bobby Harrington won. He came up with it due to the tens of thousands of oak trees in the area.

In 1964, when incorporating the city, Thousand Oaks was overwhelmingly voted for (the other name being Conejo City) so they kept the name.

A place called Jungleland USA put Thousand Oaks on the map in the 1920 which attracted Hollywood producers to the city. This place was comprised of 5 lots bought by Louis Goebel of New York. He wanted to create his own film industry zoo after Universal Zoo closed down.

First it was a lion farm but then acquired 7 malamute dogs, giraffes, camels, hippos, monkeys, tigers, gorillas and seals. It became home of the Leo the Lion MGM pictures frames and the animals were used in several movies. He held public shows which drew thousands of people from California to attend and was one of the most popular tourist attractions which then became known as Jungleland USA. The park bankrupted due to Disneyland, Knotts Berry farm and universal studios.

There are lots of things to do in Thousand Oaks, everything from hiking, horseback riding, biking to observing wild life. There are lots of good schools, restaurants and shops. Seems like a great place to live.

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