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Our Real Estate Agency in South Boston is one of a kind.  We employ several top realtors and agents to make sure all clients are well taken care of in this huge financial transaction of buying and selling homes. We represent the legal aspect of real estate deals so rest assured that you are covered.  Our consulting firm and real estate services provide clients with the best tools for investing or purchasing. Because our Brokers are well experienced, we will see all clients from home improvements to selling the home at market value.


Real Estate Agents – We Do Everything We Can To Make You Happy.

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  • We pride ourselves in being a trusting business for those who are buying and selling

  • FosterDouglas Real Estate is run by 2 females


It’s imperative that agents are trained and licensed, especially in high end neighborhoods like South Boston. our Agents will get to know you and what you want as far as features, amenities, number of bedrooms and bathrooms along with your home budget.  When selling, our realtors will come to your house and preform a full comparative market analysis and home value to sell fast.

About South Boston

South Boston is located south and east of the Fort point Channel and abutting Dorechester Bay.  It has the nicknamed, “Southie” and is a densely populated neighborhood and super desirable among young professionals.

The real estate market has joined the ranks of the  highest in the city due to the gentrification that took place.

Within South Boston are areas labeled “East Side”, “West Side” which is also known as the “lower end”. All areas are popular due to the proximity to downtown and although the “East Side” gentrified first, the Westside slowy caught up due to not only the proximity to downtown, but to the popular south end as well.

Harrison Loring house is a mansion located in South Boston and was used as a private residence until 1913.  It was to be used as a convent and designated as a Boston Landmark in 1981.

South Boston is known for it’s celebration – the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The history behind it was that Henry Knox brought 55 cannons captured at Fort Ticonderoga.  They cut down trees to hollow them out and blackened them to look like cannons and spread them out on the Dorchester heights.  If anyone were to pass, they’d have to pass through the continental lines and give the password, “St. Patrick”. The British saw the fake cannons and left Boston.

Aside from there being plenty to do and see, living there is also pretty fantastic.  The streets are lined with quaint rowhouses and it’s a short walking distance to the South Boston Waterfront.  Although all kinds of new cafes and gourmet markets have moved into the area, it still holds time-honored local hangouts. There are playgrounds on almost every few blocks, tons of places to eat to choose from and it’s super close to the childrens Science museum which was popular to my kids. Another fun fact…the Boston Tennis Club is there.

It’s an absolutely amazing place to live.

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