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We are the go-to for Simi Valley Real Estate. Whether you are seeking to buy a home, sell a home or invest in a property, our real estate consulting firm offer services to meet your needs. We are a broker firm that has a combined 103 years of experience.  With this experience comes hands on training, certifications, contacts and resources.  Our brokerage comes equipped with a marketing department and home improvement and repair project management.

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We don’t stop at Simi Valley. We are experts in all of the Ventura County areas. Our agents all have one thing in common.  They work for the clients needs, wants and goals.  They aren’t happy until you are 100% satisfied in the real estate transaction of buying, selling or investing of any property. It’s our mission get 100% positive review from YOU.

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One of the things that make us more unique than other real estate firms is our FD Seller Solution. It’s a roadmap that literally takes a person from their home not being ready to sell to increasing the home value and selling it fast.  We have been hired by by people who have already tried to sell their home and they come out blown away once we show them the process.  We even have a cheat sheet to allow people to try our method first before hiring us.  We do tasks like determining your home value compared to your neighborhood, to creating a plan to increase it.  Once we have masted that process we execute it, photograph it, list and market it to negotiations and contracts.  We are VERY good at what we do.

About Simi Valley

Simi Valley Homes

This eponymous valley city is located in the southeast corner of Ventura County which is about 40 miles from downtown LA. It sits next to Thousand Oaks, Moorpark and Los Angeles and the populated is estimated at 126, 871 in 2014.

The city is surrounded by Santa Susana Mountain range and Simi hills.

One fun fact is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where President Reagan was buried in 2004, resides there. The city is considered to be a conservative stronghold along with the neighboring city of Thousand Oaks.

Another fun fact is Simi Valley is ranked #7 for being one of the safest cities in the US.

Let’s talk about the history. Simi Valley was inhabited by the Chumash people who settled much of the region dating about 10,000-15,000 years. When they started processing acorns 5000 years ago and harvesting marshlands, their techniques in fishing and hunting improved and roughly 2,000 years ago is when the population started to increase.

Simi Valley derived from the Chumash word, Shimiyi which means stringy, thread like clouds that topify the region. The origin of the name was preserved because the work anthropologist, John P Harrington. His brother lived in Simi Valley and explained to him that the word Simiji in Indian meant the little white wind clouds were in the sky. The word Simiji turned to Simi.

One of the major events that took place in Simi Valley is the Rodney King trial. This was an unfortunate event where four officers of the LA police department unnecessarily beat an African-American motorist, Rodney Glen King. The evidence was video footage that was taken of the beating which caused a national and global outcry. Due to the heavy coverage, they approved a change of venue to an available courtroom in Simi Valley.

Anyway, there are a ton of things to do in Simi Valley, everything from hiking, bike paths, yoga, eateries, museums and lots of parks. It’s an easy commute to the next city as well. So, this makes Simi valley a great place to be.

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