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If you are here, that means you’re interested in Sherman Oaks Real Estate. If you’re planning to buy a home, sell your home or invest in a property, you’ve come to the right place.  We have over 103 years combined real estate experience in the greater Los Angeles Area.  Whether you want a home in a nice area, a waterfront property, beach home, a luxury home, condo or apartment, we have the ability to get you unique deals that you won’t get elsewhere. If you are interesting in selling your property, we have  VIP service that we think you will be interested in. It’s a hands free method to increase your home value and sell fast. We are a full service broker firm with a full staffed Marketing department.

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We always know when a deal is a good one or is totally taking advantage.  Whether you’re purchasing a home or a condo, we bring you relevant listings to go through while we sit down and learn about you, your needs and desires. Based on that, we will go and collect other listings that are an exact match to what you are looking for. If you are undecided about things, we can help based on your answers.

Real Estate Consultants: We Are With You Every Step Of The Way.

We have a proven VIP solution called, The FD Seller Solution that will take sellers from the point of their home not being ready to their home sold at market value fast.  Our proven roadmap is one of a kind and if followed you will increase your home value, market effectively and sell fast. If you don’t want to do the work, we do it for you at no extra cost.

About Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks Homes For SaleThis neighborhood in Los Angeles is considered a part of the San Fernando Valley and is super popular for families who want to live in a suburban area.

Sherman Oaks has a population of 52, 677 and 25, 255 households and was founded in 1927 and includes a portion of the Santa Monica Mountains which gives this area a lower population density compared to other areas in Los Angeles.

In 1991 a group of home owners in the Chandler Estates area petitioned to re-draw the boundaries to include their neighborhood into Sherman Oaks so they could escape the areas around them that were collapsing in social status and growing urban Blight.

Chandler estates successfully seceded from Van Nuys and then Magnolia Woods soon followed to join Sherman Oaks.

In 2009, Los Angeles City Council voted to redraw the neighborhood boundaries again to allow and are of about 1800 homes in Van Nuys to be included.

Sherman oaks has many residential areas that are aligned with trees and hosts many parks. One of which is a super popular gathering place for families.   They also have basketball courts (outside and inside), lighted football fields, soccer fields and tennis courts so you can play sports at night.

There aren’t a ton of restaurants in the area but it does share the lively Ventura Blvd where there is a yummy Mexican restaurant or you can easily go to the next neighborhood like Studio City to shop and eat within minutes.  There is also easy access to major freeways if you wanted to make your way to Santa Monica or Venice Beach, everything is easy driving distance away. Although, you definitely need to plan around traffic.

So, the moral of the story is, If you like the big city but want to live in the suburb comforts, Sherman Oaks is definitely a place to look at. It’s beautiful and surrounded by lot’s to do and tons of places eat and have a drink or 2.

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