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With over 103 years experience combined, our real estate consulting firm that resides around Sandwich, MA is known for the knowledge of the area, awesome customer service and most of all for talented negotiation skills.  We pride ourselves in having the best resources and contacts to get the best deals for our clients.

Real Estate Agents – Waterfront Properties for Sale

Looking for waterfront properties is a fun experience, however, it’s really important to know what to look out for to make the best possible decision.  There are rules and regulations that come with waterfront properties, so it’s imperative to know what you are getting into.  If you are ready to take this step, please give us a call and we will find you the perfect home to buy on Cape Cod.

Real Estate Consulting – Are you selling your beachfront home?

Our one of a kind service, the FD Seller Solution has been successful for 100’s of clients.  We have a method that if followed correctly, we will increase your home value and sell it at asking price – FAST.  We take sellers from a home not ready to be on the market to being show ready and sold.  We do it all for you should you hire us for this service.  You will save time but also avoid overspending when repairing, improving, staging and marketing your home to be sold fast and efficiently.

About Sandwich

Real Estate Agents Sandwich MASandwich is the old town in Cape cod, turning 379 years old in 2018. According to a 2010 census the population was (probably more now) 20, 675. It sits in Barnstable County and has a motto, “After so many shipwrecks, a haven”.

Sandwich is 44.2 square miles and surrounded by Cape Cod Bay, Barnstable, Mashpee, Falmouth and Bourne. It’s about 57 miles from Boston.

This lovely town has 6 beaches along the short of Cape Cod Bay, lot’s of small ponds and hills and is the site of Old Harbor Bay Creek.

Here is a little history on Sandwich. It was settled in 1637 by a group from Saugus, MA with the permission of the Plymouth Colony. It was incorporated in 1639 and named for the seaport of Sandwich, Kent, England. The western portion of the town was separated from Sandwich and named Bourne in 1884.

Due to its history, it’s home to lots of historic homes. It was also the site of an early Quaker settlement and today it hosts the oldest Quaker Meetings in the US. Although a lot of Quakers left due to religious conflicts, lots of residents have Quaker ties.

Today, most of Sandwich’s industry revolves around tourism. There’s a ton to do in Sandwich. It’s home to a lot of water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing and boat tours. It also has a fair share of museums, historic sites, bike tours, ziplines, forests and lot’s of beaches.

Due to it’s location it’s easy to go to neighboring cities to experience their eateries, pubs and shopping as well.

The residential neighborhoods are amazing and being that it’s considered a Boston suburb, lot’s of people actually do a daily commute to work right in Boston and then come home to the ocean. Doesn’t sound so bad!

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