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We offer all services that pertain to buying a home, selling a home or investing in a property. Our real estate consulting firm in Palm Desert offers goes above and beyond to meet your needs. We know the area, we know the market and we have the resources and contacts to make whatever type of real estate transaction you are seeking to happen seamlessly and fast without stress.

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Since we already know the area,  we get to know YOU before first and foremost to start the process of buying your perfect home.  We sit down over coffee or a bagel (whichever you prefer) and gather important information about you, your goals and dreams of what you expect in your next living situation.  We do this to find the exact space, neighborhood, amenities, bedrooms and bathrooms and anything else that will accommodate your living dreams.

Real Estate Consultants: More Than Just An Agent.

The FD Seller Solution is a solution that takes people from not having their home ready for the market to home sold, at market value FAST.  Our proven record speaks for itself, however, we offer a cheatsheet and training video to show you the steps that are needed to be taken to determine your home value and how we create a bulletproof plan on home improvements and repairs to increase the value to sell at asking price.  We are skilled in project management and will take the plan and execute it without you lifting a finger or overspending. Once the home is ready, we stage it, take images for a wonderful first impression online, then we list it, market it and show the home to potential buyers. We then do the negotiation process and get you the best deal before the contract is signed.

About Palm Desert

Rancho Mirage neighborhoodLocated in California’s Coachella Valley, about two hours east of Los Angeles and two hours northeast of San Diego, Palm Desert is a community famous for its stunning resorts, top flight golf courses, and luxury shopping.

According to local historians, the area now known as Palm Desert was originally home to Cahuilla Indian farmers, part of the now sadly extinct San Cayetano tribe. In the 1920’s, date palms were planted and the area became known as Palm Village. In 1943, barracks were built for an Army facility and in 1948 the Palm Desert Corporation began developing real estate. In 1951, Palm Village became officially known as Palm Desert.

The first golf course was developed in 1952 at Shadow Mountain. Now home to about 30 courses, including some among the best in the country, Palm Desert is known as “The World’s Golf Capital.” Many courses have been designed in conjunction with resorts and residential developments, giving lovers of the game and those who subscribe to Mark Twain’s definition of golf as “a good walk spoiled” the opportunity to vacation or live among the graceful contours of some of the most beautiful links in the world!

For those who enjoy walking among shops more than chasing a golf ball, Palm Desert is an equally attractive destination. There are thousands of stores spread throughout multiple shopping malls within the city, but El Paseo is undoubtedly the crown jewel. Known as the “Rodeo Drive of the Desert,” El Paseo was developed on the site of the 1943 Army facility and has evolved into an upscale shopping destination with over a hundred boutiques, galleries, luxury stores, and fine dining restaurants.

A popular vacation destination for Snowbirds – retirees from colder climates who winter in the desert – Palm Desert offers a variety of resort and hotel choices with a myriad of amenities, from spas to tennis and, of course, golf. The city also hosts Italian, Greek, Armenian, Canadian, and Scottish festivals throughout the year.

Whether you’re vacationing for a week or the winter, or looking for a warm climate to settle down in, Palm Desert is a city worth teeing up!

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