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If you are here, that means you’re interested in Malibu Real Estate. If you are planning to either purchase a home, sell your home or invest in a property, you have come to the right place.  We have 103 years combined experience and Los Angeles Real Estate is our specialty.  Whether you want a home in a nice area, a waterfront property, beach home, a luxury home, condo or apartment, we have the ability to get you unique deals that you won’t get elsewhere. We are a full service broker firm with a full staffed Marketing department.  Anything you need, our real estate consulting firm has.

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The great thing about us is we know the area AND the market well.  We will know what a good deal is and what isn’t.  Whether you are purchasing a vacation home or a home to live in full time, we will match you with the best deal and property of your dreams. All that’s left now is sitting down with you to learn about you, your needs and desires of your perfect home. If you are undecided about things, we can help based on your answers.  We will gather the information and make strategic steps to getting you the neighborhood, home size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities and anything else that will make a perfect home for you.

Real Estate Consultants: We Are With You Every Step Of The Way.

We have a proven VIP solution called, The FD Seller Solution that will take sellers from the point of their home not being ready to their home sold at market value fast.  Our proven roadmap is one of a kind and if followed you will increase your home value, market effectively and sell fast. If you don’t want to do the work, we do it for you at no extra cost.

About Malibu

This is a coastal city west of Los Angeles and is known to host lot’s of celebrity homes and beaches. The population is about 12, 645 and is about 27 miles of scenic beauty that stretches from Tuna Canyon to Point Mugu with the infamous Pacific coastal highway traversing the city.

There are a ton of beaches in the Malibu coast that surfers and locals nicked named “the Bu”. There are also lots of parks people can visit that you can picnic or hike in.

Now for some history. Malibu is named for Ventureno Chumash settlement of Humaliwo which means, “The Surf Sounds Loudly”, this village is now a part of the state park and Is situated next to Malibu lagoon. It was the second largest Chumash coastal settlement by the Santa Monica Mountains with just Point Mugu being more populated. This region was considered to be an important political center but there were also more minor settlements in today’s Malibu.

In 1926, Malibu Colony was one of the first areas with private homes after Malibu was opened to development. May K Rindge who created a ceramic tile factory before it burned down, protected the Malibu coast with only a few wealthy Hollywood celebrities that had vacation homes there. She had a long battle trying to protect her Malibu coast that she died broke. The community is now a gated, mult-imillion dollar home lots that have views of the Pacific ocean.

Malibu incorporated in 1991 and was allowed local control of the area (other cities of California do not allow the same level of oversight).

Unfortunately, Malibu, although gorgeous and lot’s to do, has to deal with some major natural disasters. Amongst them are fires, mudslides, storms and earthquakes.

Malibu has a great coastal presence and was named the first World Surging Reserve and is nearby Zumba Beach which is a magnet for locals and families. If you get tired of the water, you can go to a nearby waterfront restaurant or go inland and hike through hills or canyons. Oh…and there is even a Malibu wine hike…Im in!

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