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Our brokers reside in the Ladera heights neighborhood in Los Angeles.  Our Broker firm employs several of the top real estate agents in Southern California. It’s the legal entity that represents all buying and selling transactions that happen between the agents and realtors and clients.


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  • Our agents provide the best comparative market analysis out there

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  • Reviews are always important to hiring an agent, we can set you up with our past clients

  • We pride ourselves in being a trusting business for those who are buying and selling

  • FosterDouglas Real Estate is run by 2 females


We are highly trained agents, realtors and listing agents and will make sure the client is in great hands throughout the entire buying and selling process. Once a seller decides to sell their home, the agent will come to evaluate the home, decide on the repairs and improvements to increase the home value and then create a selling plan of execution.  Real estate marketing involves staging, photography, video and listing the property. They will work on scheduling open houses and private showings and then be in charge offers, counter offers, legal contracts and negotiations.

Buyers will get together with the real estate agents to go over what kind of living situation they are preferring, ie, townhomes, duplex, condos or homes.  They will go over schools and residential neighborhoods along with features, amenities, bedrooms and bathrooms is needed for the single family home.


About Ladera Heights

Ladera-Heights-HomesThis unincorporated area in Los Angeles County has a population of 6,498 (probably more as this was taken in 2010). It’s considered one of the wealthiest neighborhoods on the Westside with it’s neighbor of Baldwin Hills, Westchester and Culver City.

Ladera Heights originated in the 1940s with the development of “Old Ladera” and then in the 1960s, new homes were built and is now called, “New Ladera”, clever, eh?   Right next to this upscale area is Fox Hills which contains a beautiful golf course with rolling hills.  Now Ladera Heights is portioned out to “Upper Ladera”, “Lower Ladera” and “Old Ladera.”

Although rarely mentioned as compared to the likes of Brentwood or Santa Monica, this neighborhood’s median income tops Brentwood and the inventory of architecturally intact Midcentury Modern homes is almost unmatched in LA.

The residents are more in the professional class rather than celebrity residents, however, baseball player, Frank Robinson and other sports players started moving there in the 1970s.

Some of the highlights of this area include being a peaceful oasis among the busyness of the Westside.  It’s also awesome that it sits near places like Santa Monica and El Segundo which makes it a close drive to the Silicon Beach Tech corridor so the commute to these places are pretty stellar.

Another plus is the proximity to Culver City which is making people flock there to live. But of course, it’s not very affordable as starting price for a home is a jaw dropping, $1million.

Being in this quiet and beautiful residential neighborhood sounds glorious and the amount of options in Culver City regarding eating, drinking and things to do makes this place a sought after place to live, I’m pretty sure when a house goes on sale, people flock to it so keep your eyes open!

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