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Are you looking for Brentwood real Estate? If you are purchasing a home, selling your home or investing in a property, you have come to the right place.  We have 103 years combined experience and Los Angeles Real Estate is our specialty.  Whether you want a home in a nice Brentwood area, a luxury home near Santa Monica, condo or apartment, we have the ability to get you unique deals that you can’t get elsewhere. We are a full service brokerage with a full staffed Marketing department.  Anything you need, our real estate consulting firm has.

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Our realtors are already experts regarding the rules and regulations which allows us to do a full comparative market analysis of the Brentwood neighborhoods to know if you are getting a good real estate deal.  All that’s left now is sitting down with you to learn about you, your needs and desires of your perfect home. If you are undecided about things, we can help based on your answers.  We will gather the information and make strategic steps to getting you the neighborhood, home size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities and anything else that will make a perfect home for you.

Real Estate Consultants: We Are With You Every Step Of The Way.

We have a proven VIP solution called, The FD Seller Solution that will take sellers from the point of their home not being ready to their home sold at market value fast.  Our proven roadmap is one of a kind and if followed you will increase your home value, market effectively and sell fast. If you don’t want to do the work, we do it for you at no extra cost.

About Brentwood

Brentwood Homes for saleBrentwood is on the westside of Los Angeles. It began it’s modern development in 1880s and even has seven private and two public schools!

It was originally apart of the Ranchos San Vincente y Santa Monica which is a Mexican land-grant ranch sold off in pieces by the Sepulveda family. One of the bigger roads that runs through West Los Angeles is Sepulveda. It’s literally parallels the 405, so if you are stuck, that’s the route people will get off the freeway for and try to beat the traffic.

The region is located at the base of Santa Monica Mountains bounded by the 405 and Wilshire blvd and sits next to Santa Monica City. It’s known as one of the “Three B’s” along with Beverly hills and Bel Air.

Brentwood is an upscale neighborhood and features a number of residential subdistricts like Brentwood Circle, Brentwood Glen, Bundy Canyon, Crestwood Hills, Kenter Canyon and Mandeville Canyon.

San Vincente Blvd is a major street in Brentwood that has a wide median that’s filled with Coral Trees. They actually took the place of a pacific Electric trolley track and they have been named a City of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.

The region has several options for recreation like indoor gyms, outside sport fields, picnic areas, childrens play areas, tennis courts, soccer fields and even a dog park.

It also holds little areas to eat and shop.  However, being so close to Santa Monica is a plus as there is a plethora of things to do, shop and eat.

Brentwood has a population of 33,312 (probably more now as this was taken in 2008) and is among the lowest population densities in city and the county.

Brentwood is a beautiful place to live and due to it’s location, you have an easy drive to beaches, hiking trails, shopping centers.

One notable thing about Brentwood, OJ Simpson murder scene.  But, don’t worry, he doesn’t live there anymore, it’s worth checking it out.


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