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Our broker firm serves the neighborhood of Beacon Hill.  We will do everything from buying and selling your homes, townhomes, condos or apartments.  We are an experienced real estate agency that provides top services with regard to negotiations, loan applications, investment properties and commercial properties.  We pride ourselves on customer service and have outstanding resources and contacts.


Real Estate Agents – Our 103 years Combined Experience gets the job done.

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  • We pride ourselves in being a trusting business for those who are buying and selling

  • FosterDouglas Real Estate is run by 2 females


Our experienced agents take care of all home selling or buying processes.  If someone is buying a home, realtors or agents will get to know the person and their goals and will search for homes that have the right living accommodations, the right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms and desirable features. If interested after going through an Open House, the agent will make an offer and start the negotiation terms along with home inspections.  If the client is selling, the Agent will do everything from home improvements and repairs to real estate marketing and selling the home for market value through legal contracts and negotiations.


About Beacon Hill

Described as the most picturesque areas, Beacon Hill is a Boston neighborhood that has steep streets that are lined with Victorian Brick row and federal style houses.  The streets are lit up by antique lanterns that adds to the “going back in time” feel when visiting the neighborhood.

The population according to the 2010 census is 9,203 and is one of the most desirable and expensive areas in Boston to live.

Beacon Hill is 1/6 of a square mile and sits on a riverfront.  It has 3 sections which are the south slope, north slope and the “Flat of the Hill” which is obviously the level portion of the city.

It’s located in the center of the Shawnut Peninsula and strangely enough, originally had 3 hills. Pemberton Hill and Mount Vernon were actually leveled for Beacon Hill development.

In the 20th century, better transportation service to the suburbs and other cities led a boom to the city’s economy.  Buildings were developed, others were renovated.  Then, banks, restaurants and other service industries moved into the ”Flat of the Hill” which totally transformed the neighborhood.

In 1995, the Historic Beach Hill District was created which was the first in Massachusetts to protect historic sites and manage urban renewal.

Beacon Hill was designated in December 19, 1962 as a National Historic Landmark.

Now, wealthy Boston families live in the Flat of the Hill and the south slope. University students and professionals inhabit the north slope.

Beacon Hills has a few sites of interest. One that I’d like to share is the Black Heritage Trail which is just north of Boston Common. It’s where historic  homes, businesses, schools and churches reside of the black community.  They all had a significant role in black history, for example, the church, in 1807, had seating that segregated white and black people.  One of the oldest church houses built by African Americans, called the African meeting house, is a museum of African American History, there are many more things to see and learn, it’s absolutely a must visit.


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