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Our Cape Cod Broker Agency is one of the best on the Cape.  We represent the legal aspect of real estate transactions and make sure all things go smoothly for our agents in the field.  We take very good care of our clients and make sure they get the best buying or selling deals, negotiations and contract terms.  We will assist in mortgage agreements and home loans.  Our clients happiness is what drives us to do a great job when closing deals.


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Every agent that works for our brokerage firm is carefully vetted to make sure they have the real estate training and certification to buy and sell homes in the area. They all have great negotiation skills and the experience in the legal aspect of contracts.  They also have the knowledge to dictate any home improvements or repairs needed to increase the home value and have the tools to create a comparative market analysis. It’s very important for our agents to pin down homes that have the specific amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, desirable features and amenities along with walkability scores, convenience areas and good schools for families wanting to purchase a home.

About Barnstable

Although it’s a city, Barnstable is often referred to as the town of Barnstable. It’s the largest community both in land and population which in 2010 was said to be at 45,193.

Barnstable has several villages within it’s city, the largest being Hyannis.  Hyannis is not only the central business district but also has the Barnstable Municipal airport which is the airline hub of Cape Cod and to the islands of Martha’s Vineyards and Nantucket.

A fun fact for Barnstable is it was the winner of the All-America City award in 2007.

Just to give you a little history on this place.  It took it’s name from Barnstable, Devon, England. It was first explored in 1602 by Bartholomew Gosnold and one of the first towns to be settled, Sandwich being the first in 1637.  The town was incorporated in 1639.

Farmers came first and were led by Reverend Joseph Hull whom was the founder.  After being found, agriculture, fishing and salt became the major industries and in the 19th century, 804 ships were harbored in the town, but the role of ship sailing declined due to steamships and railroad which arrived in 1854.

Barnstable became a world-renowned tourist destination in the 19th century and still is as many from Boston come and spent their summers on the Cape Shores.  Another fun fact is among these vacationers were Ulysses S. Grant and Grover Cleveland.

The kennedy family remains inhabit the Kennedy Compound Hyannis Port as Barnstable was the summer of of President John F. Kennedy during his administration and it was the home of Senator Ted Kennedy until his death.

Hyannis has numerous shops, places to eat, lots of significant sites and historic houses.  There isn’t a shortage of things to do here so tourists still come in droves every year.  Many of the beaches in Hyannis are among the most popular tourist destinations as well.



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