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If you are planning to either purchase a home, sell your home or invest in a property, you have come to the right place.  We have 103 years combined experience and Los Angeles Real Estate is our specialty.  Whether you want a home in a nice area, a luxury home, condo or apartment, we have the ability to get you unique deals that you can get elsewhere. We are a full service brokerage with a full staffed Marketing department.  Anything you need, our real estate consulting firm has.


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The great thing about us is we live in the area so we know it well.  All that’s left now is sitting down with you to learn about you, your needs and desires of your perfect home. If you are undecided about things, we can help based on your answers.  We will gather the information and make strategic steps to getting you the neighborhood, home size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities and anything else that will make a perfect home for you.


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We have a proven VIP solution called, The FD Seller Solution that will take sellers from the point of their home not being ready to their home sold at market value fast.  Our proven roadmap is one of a kind and if followed you will increase your home value, market effectively and sell fast. If you don’t want to do the work, we do it for you at no extra cost.

About Baldwin Hills

Baldwin Hills Real EstateThis affluent hillside neighborhood is comprised of middle to upper class African American Communities in Los Angeles.  One third of its land is taken up by parks so its one of the city’s greenest neighborhoods.

Although the eating and shopping areas are scarce, it’s easy to find places in adjacent neighborhoods.  Baldwin Hills is more about the homes and residential streets that house grand mansions and modest bungalows in it’s hillside perch, all with great views of Los Angeles.

Just a little history… In the early times, the steep terrains of the hills kept developers at bay, there was no way to get supplies to and from so it was easier to build in the foot of the hills.

Because of that, Baldwin hills flourished with oil derricks instead of homes so coyotes and oilmen were left with the views. However, the real estate boom swept across LA and in the 1920s modest homes were built one after another.

When Japanese Americans returned to LA after being released from internment camps began to move west from the neighborhoods around exposition park. They settled and built the Crenshaw Square shopping center which was emblematic of their desire to create Japanese culture in the neighborhood.

On the other end of Crenshaw Square, a groundbreaking garden apartment complex was built on 68 acres and contained 620 apartments.

In the 1960s, black Angelenos were able to exercise their right to live where they chose and began to live in the homes that were built on top of Baldwin hills in the 1950s.

The neighborhood became the Black Beverly Hills, however Baldwin Hills beats the other Beverly Hills views, hands down.

Baldwin hills is considered a multicultural heritage. The Japanese American and the African American experiences create an ongoing rich cultural legacy in the neighborhood.

Some see this neighborhood has one in transition as the population is mostly older, however, currently lots of young families, especially ones with young kids, are making their way into the area.

In the 1930’s Los Angeles hosted the Olympics and one fun fact is, Baldwin Hills became the home of the first ever Olympic village to house male athletes, it was spread over hundreds of acres in the hills, but none of it remains today.

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